Friday, March 23, 2012

April Meeting

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, April 10th.  Erica Kempf from Nomad Yarns will talk about felting, wet and dry felting of fiber, as well as knit then felt (fulling) techniques and bring some examples to share.

Come join us!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome Knitters


Can you feel it?!  Warmer weather and ... while it is only March....I know that some of those good sweaters will be cleaned for storage.   

Time to set my spring resolutions: Surely, I will finish that sweater I started for my husband in LAST April when the temperatures just started to soar. I will knit a snuggly for that September baby.  And, now that my daughter is married, I may actually knit her a sofa throw.   I so look forward to MAKING resolutions!

I would like to welcome you to our website.  It is a sweet little site and it may not change much, but you will find up to date information about the Indianapolis Knitting Guild.   We will be posting our bylaws and standing rules, current programs and other goodies.

IKG was begun in 1988 under the direction of Gerry Mandelbaum (P), Susan Corbitt Brennen (VP), Phyllis McGinley (S) and Marilyn Stober (T).  They have gave us a sound foundation and we are now 23 years strong.   Special Kudos  also to members Rega Kowalski (S) and  Terri Kerr (T) for having held their office for a very long time. Current Officers are my right and left hands: Mary Ellen Lohr and Deb Squire (coVP), Rega (S) and Marsha Callahan (T). Thank you, ladies.

Finally, please join us.  Dues are only $15. We are still meeting at Epworth Church where they have graciously allowed us to meet in their beautiful home. Expect to find knitters of all ages who love to share their projects.  If you are looking for sit and knit groups, we can hook you up.

Knit on!
Peg Alexander
Indianapolis Knitting Guild