Indianapolis Knitting Guild Bylaws

Article I.              General Provisions

Section 1.01  Name and Purpose

(a)      This organization shall be known as “The Indianapolis Knitting Guild” also referred to as IKG. 
(b)      The IKG exists to provide education and encouragement to advance the art and craft of knitting. 
(c)       Prior approval by the Officers is required for the use of the name “Indianapolis Knitting Guild” for all publications, marketing or websites.
(d)      The IKG has no official religious or political affiliations. 

Section 1.02  Definitions

(a)      A Member in Good Standing shall be defined as a person who is current in the payment of their dues.
(b)      A Quorum shall be defined as a majority of Members in Good Standing.

Article II.            Officers

(a)      The Officers shall consist of at a minimum, the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  
(b)      Officers will be elected at the annual meeting in September for a 1 year term with no limit on number of terms. 
(c)        Special elections will be held for vacancies as needed.

Article III.         Duties of Officers

 Section 3.01  President

(a)      The President shall preside over all meetings, form ad hoc committees as needed and review detail of expenditures
Section 3.02  Vice President
(a)      The Vice President shall assist the President and preside over meeting in the President’s absence, and shall chair the Programming Committee.

Section 3.03  Secretary

(a)      The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings, maintain records of committee reports, and maintain a record of current members. 

Section 3.04   Treasurer

(a)      The Treasurer shall receive and distribute all monies and maintain documentation, as well as provide quarterly reports at Meetings, and provide dues payment records to the Secretary.

Article IV.         Committees

(a)      The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the President is responsible for presenting a slate of candidates for voting at the Annual Meeting.
(b)      The Programming Committee shall be chaired by the Vice President, and is responsible for planning educational content of meetings.  The programming year runs from November through October. 
(c)       Ad Hoc committees can be created as needed by the President.

Article V.           Meetings of Members

 Section 5.01  Annual Meetings

(a)      The annual meeting shall be held in September.
(b)      Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting.  The outgoing President and current Committee(s) shall report summarizing the previous year and current efforts.
Section 5.02  Monthly Meetings
(a)      The Guild will hold monthly meetings for all members from October through August.

Article VI.         Amendments to the Bylaws

(a)      These by-laws may be amended, repealed or altered in part by a simple majority of those members present at a regularly scheduled meeting provided a quorum is present.
(b)      Announcement of proposed changes must be provided to members one month prior. 
Article VII.      Dissolution of Guild
(a)      In the event of dissolution of the Guild, all assets will be donated to charity and be voted on by the membership at the time of the dissolution.

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