Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sally Melville is Coming to Indianapolis Knitting Guild!

In case you haven't attended a Guild meeting recently, the BIG news is that designer/teacher/author extraordinaire Sally Melville is going to be conducting a two-day workshop here December 1-2, 2012. The committee for workshops is currently conducting a survey of members to determine which of the many options Sally offers to have for the classes. If you have not received an email listing of the options, contact me at once for opportunity to your selection known.

Sally is perhaps best known among knitters as the author of The Knitting Experience series of books, which she wrote as a guide to knitters of all skill levels. The Knit Stitch offered to take a beginner by the hand and teach that basic stitch in such a way that the world of knitting opened up, using basic patterns inventively. The Purl Stitch expanded the concept with more thought-provoking patterns and how-to photos, with each step carefully photographed and captioned. When Color was published, Sally  again displayed her mastery of the subject beyond the limits of the mortal mind.

Since then, at least two pattern books have joined the bookshelves of many knitters, Mother-Daughter Knits and Warm Knits, Cool Gifts. These were co-authored by Sally's daughter, Caddy Melville Ledbetter, a designer in her own right and young mother. Thus there are projects for babies, children, men and a variety of designs for women of all ages and stages. I have knit several items from these two books, and several women in my on-going knit classes have garments which were both fun knits and welcome additions to their wardrobes.

Sally's emphasis on knitting to flatter and fit the individual knitter is the basis for her books and classes, and those who attend will come away with knowledge they will use in each future knit project.

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