Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Needle Sharing

For our April meeting members brought a wide variety of knitting needles for everyone to try out and talk about.  Here are some of the more popular ones

Signature Needle Arts needles

These needles are one of the most high end available.  They come in 3 different points, stiletto was represented at the meeting.  The tips are slick for quick knitting, but the middle sections are micro etched to grip yarn and keep it from slipping off.  These come in straights, DPNs, and "convertible circulars", where each set of tips comes with several screw on cables of different lengths.

Kollage Square needles

These metal needles come in all the standard formats, and some people find them to be more comfortable (some found them less!)

Knitter's Pride Dreamz

Dreamz are color coded laminated wood needles with fairly sharp points and flexible cords.  (They also come in a square version)  The example of these were an interchangeable set.  These are nice because you have every possible needle size and cord length together in 1 set.  They are especially nice for garments that will grow (like a circular shawl) or that you might want to try on as you go.

Dyak Craft

There were also several interchangeable sets of Darn Pretty wood needles from Dyak Craft.  These are hand made in Vermont.  Unfortunately there was a fire at the DymondWood supplier last fall and they are currently not taking orders for the wood needles.  They are still producing the metal interchangeable needles pictured above.


A variety of Chaiogoo needles were represented.  These come in bamboo, metal (stainless steel), and lace (sharp) points, in DPN, circular fixed, and interchangeable styles. Their signature red cables are multi-strand, steel cable coated with red nylon that allows yarn to slide and has no memory. You may find that a good thing, or not, it seems to be a personal preference.


A variety of HiyaHiya needles were represented.  These are a relatively affordable needle, and come in all varieties of fixed/interchangeable/DPN and metal (sharps and regular) and bamboo.

Denise Interchangeables

Another set of interchangeables mentioned.  Some features of these are that they click lock instead of screwing, are plastic (you may like, or not) and are fairly blunt points for those of you who do not like very sharp needles.

Peace Fleece

Fair Trade, hand painted wooden needles. 

There were others!  So many, but these are a pretty good selection, and some of what was most discussed.

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